Remembering the Seventies

Someone sent this to my brother, who sent it to me, and now I’m passing it along to you all:

Remembering the 70’s in Jamestown

You were a kid in the 70s in Jamestown, NY if you remember:

  1. There were 2 hospitals in town: WCA and General, and there were 2 movie theaters downtown that really showed movies: The Wintergarden and the Palace
  2. King Karl Gustaf of Sweden coming to town in 1976
  3. You went to Evans Skateland when it was in Celoron and were shocked when it burned down.
  4. Riding your bike on the bumpy brick streets and trying to avoid hitting holes left by missing bricks.
  5. You watched Rocketship 7 with Dave Thomas* with Promo the Robot every morning before school.
  6. You watched Commander Tom (Tom Jolls) and Dustmop the dog puppet every afternoon, and the Flintstones.
  7. You watched Davey and Goliath every Sunday morning – not because you really liked it but basically because you only got 4 channels and nothing else was on.
  8. You remember when they built Chautauqua Mall and everyone was upset because it would take business away from downtown Jamestown .
  9. You remember downtown: Carnahans, Bigelows then Argersingers, Grants, Murphys, and Hush Puppy Shoe Store, Beneficial Finance, Robert Hall clothes, Day’s Stationery, Shea’s Cleaners, Busty’s Shoe Repair, The Humidor, Arthur Treacher’s.
  10. You remember riding the elevator at Bigelow’s, the man or woman who manually stopped it on your floor, and opened the door for you with a crank and the cool payment system where the cashiers put your money into a vacuum tube and sucked it down to the mezzanine; then ladies made change and sent it through the tube back up to you.
  11. You remember going to pay bills with your parents at the old City Hall before they built the new one next door with the huge fountain.
  12. You remember eating out at Lums, The Red Barn and Colonial Whip
  13. You remember buying groceries at Loblaws, Super Duper, Bells and A&P.
  14. You shopped in Brooklyn square for shoes at Arcade Shoe Store (under the viaduct), and you ate at Sambo’s
  15. On Fairmount Ave. You remember Zayre before it became Walmart (and always had to say the letters as they blinked on: Z-A-Y-R-E), Jamesway, and the Red Coach
  16. Your parents took you shopping at Big N on Fluvanna Ave before it became Ames
  17. The Mall: York Steak House, National Record Mart, The Front Porch, the big fountain in the middle, Orange Julius, Woolworth, Quality Market with the bins and conveyor belt that took your groceries outside (and we all wanted to ride), Red Baron, Chess King, Wilson’s Leather, The County Seat, Hot Sam Pretzel, Blue Danube,
  18. The freaky huge Indian statue near the bridge all shot up with arrows
  19. The Midnight Brotherhood Motorcycle Club
  20. Marshall Dillons, then Generations, Mickey rats, Gatsby’s, The Big Tree, 2001, Top Hat, Pilly’s Harbor, The Stein, The Villa Capri, Jokers Wild, PDQ, The Chadakoin, The Bee Hive, The four O’Clock Club, Dugan’s, Melody Inn, The Muskie Lounge, The Roadhouse, The Other Side, Third Base Lounge, Trader Jack’s, The Ranch, The Swamp, The College Inn, The Inner Echo, Aardvarks $.10 wings and $.50 pitchers. Nuff said!

* Betcha didn’t know: Dave Thomas’ real name is David Robert Boreanaz and he is the father of David Boreanaz, TV Star (Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bones).


12 responses to “Remembering the Seventies

  1. In the nostalgia, you may want to add the Triangle Restaurant and bar too. Many good fish fry’s were had there!

  2. Oh and don’t forget Lakewood Drive-In! Back in the day, I saw some good movies for the first time there like The Graduate and The Bible.

  3. That really does bring back memories. I remember shopping for albums (remember those?) at Zayre, Jamesway, Big N, and National Record Mart, and going to Mickey Rats during the heyday of disco. I hated disco, but you went there to meet the girls-lol!

  4. My favorite downtown businesses were Nellie’s Deli, U.S. News (magazine and tobacco shop), the Book Nook (I think that was the name) and Taco Hut! Especially when they built an arcade onto Taco Hut… that was Heaven!

  5. My dad (wrongway) was in the midnight brotherhood in the 70s

  6. You forgot to mention the Grog Shop, Equinox, and The Rusty Nail….Those were great night clubs…All of Warren used to go to Jamestown every weekend back in the day…I miss those fun times in Jamestown !!!

  7. I was born in Jamestown in 1967. Lived there till 1982. Wow, did this bring back alot of memories. What about Blackstone Corp. and Washington Jr. High? The older I get the more I find myself missing my hometown.

  8. Midnight brotherhood,those were the days! Via,Scooten Newton!

  9. Big smile came across as face as I remembered every place that was mentioned! Two other special places that I visited frequently as a kid on Washington Street were my favorite corner stores: Ko-Op and the other on the corner of 9th and Washington. Mr. Mitchell ran the 10th st store and a white mother and son ran the store on 9th. Do you guys remember that the now Chadakoin Park was the dumping area?

  10. I performed the Jerry Lewis Telethon in Philly representing Harrahs Casino in Atlantic City…..and guess who the host was???? Dave Thomas!! While interviewing me he asked where I was from…Then he laughed and said Jamestown…yes I remember it well!! I asked him if he keeps in touch with promo!! ha ha

  11. My friends and I were from Pa. And in the 70’s we use to go to Jamestown most weekends and had a blast. We’ve been trying to remember the name of the bar that had a “rocket” next to the building. Can someone help us with the that name, it’s driving us crazy.

  12. Was Carnahans on the corner of Cherry St. or Washington St.???

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